Theo Lendering

IT Manager

Doetinchem en omgeving, Nederland/Machines
current Frontmatec B.V.
last NAWI BV

Education HRM Management (
Higher Vocational Education)



In the last few years I have gained experience in IT for SFK LEBLANC The Netherlands, such as the implementation of new hardware, new procedures, managing servers, devices, software, clients, phones etc.

Besides IT I have gained experience in Human Resources for almost 8 years, such as recruitment, promotion, transfers and exits.

When it comes to new developments within a commercial company, I play a central role.
With my enthusiasm, positivity and curiousity, I manage and assist employees from contract to first-line support, always striving for the best result.


Work experience

IT Manager

Frontmatec B.V.


October 2014 – now (3 year)Borculo, The Netherlands


HR Manager



January 2007 – September 2014 (7 year 9 months)Borculo, The Netherlands

In this role I was responsible for contributing to the development of a Sales, Engineering, Service and Production organization. Besides that from 2010 I was 0,2 Fte responsable for IT.

NAWI is a Inter(national) operating company, which delivers quality products for the food industry (Meat/AGF and logistic solutions), manufactured to the latest technical specifications.Nawi offers more then 30 years of experience in Customized High Tech Solutions and Products and After Sales Services.

Some articles: NAWI pareltje... (15-06-2011) and Nog stageplekken... (16-10-2012)

After Sales



January 2006 – January 2007 (1 year 1 months)Borculo, The Netherlands

sales and support parts, manuals, services to customers

Planning employee, purchaser semi-manufactured products



January 2003 – January 2006 (3 year 1 months)Borculo, The Netherlands

support for planning employee, purchasing semi-manufactured products, outsourcing
framework etc.

Planning employee, manuals



January 2000 – January 2003 (3 year 1 months)Borculo, The Netherlands

supporting planning employee, makes manuals for new products, health and safety documents, CE standard




English, German








HRM Management

HBO, Human Resources Management and Services

2005 – 2007


Finance for Non-financials

Post HBO, Finance, General

2012 – 2012


Marketing & Management

HBO, Marketing/Marketing Management, General / Full time education

1998 – 2000


Engergietechniek (Elektro)

MBO, Energietechniek

1996 – 1998



MBO, Werktuigbouwkunde

1992 – 1996



Course / Trainingen


• Jun 2001: Course "Excel voor gevorderden";
• Mrt 2002: Course "Hoe maak ik een offerte"
• Apr 2003: Course CE bij de Metaalunie
• Sep 2006: Commerciële training (inhouse)
• Mrt 2007: Course "Excellent Produceren" (Lean) PKM
• Apr 2007: Course "ERP voor iedereen" AFAS
• Apr 2008: Course "Dagelijkse processen HRM" AFAS
• Okt 2008: Seminar KvK "Grensoverschrijdend werken"
• Dec 2008: Course "update HRM en Payroll" AFAS
• Dec 2008: Aanhanger rijbewijs BE
• Jan 2009: Seminar KvK "Ontslag en Reorganisatie"
• Okt 2009: Course Metaalunie "Functie-indeling en beloning"
• Okt 2010: Seminar Start People: "ontgroening en vergrijzing"
• Aug 2011: Communicatie training
• Nov 2011: Regionale Salarisdagen Rendement
• Apr 2012: seminar Metaalunie "arbo, pensioenen en soc.zaken"
• Okt 2012: Arbeidsmarkt Achterhoek UWV
• Dec 2012: herh.cursus BHV (SEH en BCE + AED)
• Sep 2013: Course "InSite" and "Enterprise tools" AFAS
• 2014: Course coach/mentor (Praktijkopleider) for students

• Dec 2015 herh.cursus BHV (SEH en BCE + AED)





SFK LEBLANC The Netherlands B.V.

Works Council - Secretary

Since October 2014






Jan Meltesen
Global IT Manager at Frontmatec B.V.

I have worked with Theo in his role as IT Manager for Holland.
Theo did a great job in implementing new hardware/software projects where I was in the lead.
He managed to save costs on the IT budget e.g. mobile phone and hardware contracts.
He has international experience with projects across the group, and has many specific competences e.g. wide knowledge of VMware and Microsoft technology and general computer and server administration.
On the personal level I know Theo as a flexible, analytical and loyal employee, who always strive to do his best.
Jan Meltesen
Global IT Manager Frontmatec

2 oktober 2017, Jan Meltesen was de leidinggevende van Theo


Arjan Hobbel
Project Coordinator at Friesland Campina

As interim project manager, I met Theo as the responsible manager for office IT-support at SFK LeBlanc in Borculo. As an internal client and lap top user, I experienced what real support means in times you are confronted with a blue screen event or the urgent need for extra functionality. With his proactive attitude, his patience and thorough approach of getting problems solved, and quickly, Theo has proven to be a reliable and competent colleague with excellent service skills. A real example for excellent professionalism in SERVICE SUPPLY with big capitals! Many thanks and all the best to you, Theo!
Kind regards, Arjan Hobbel

24 augustus 2017, Theo heeft met Arjan samengewerkt in dezelfde groep

Herman Pieper

I learned Theo as a dedicated manager IT and HR.
Despite these two different issues in his portfolio Theo run these departments properly. By outsourcing and manage these in a proper way, Theo managed these departments professional and empathetically.

14 november 2015, Herman gaf indirect leiding aan Theo bij NAWI BV


Harry Logtenberg
Owner of ProQopt

Theo heb ik ervaren als een rustige persoon die zaken overziet en indien gewenst actie onderneemt. Vragen worden adequaat met terugkoppeling beantwoord en in geval van problemen worden deze opgelost.

2 juli 2014, Harry werkte samen met Theo bij NAWI BV


Stephan Toxopeüs
Business Consultant at Sulira Transport Pte.Ltd.

Theo is a very dedicated man who is service oriented and always willing to embrace new challenges. Theo has been willing to combine the HR function in combination with the IT support on site.

15 april 2014, Stephan gaf leiding aan Theo bij NAWI BV


Bas Derks
Managing Director at Gericke

Theo was een zeer gewaardeerde collega van mij die zich een professionele wijze de functie van HRM en IT manager uitvoert. Sterke punten zijn zijn perfectionisme, omgang met de medewerkers, betrokkenheid en zijn continue streven naar verbetering binnen zijn vakgebieden. Hij is een sociaal persoon en plezierig om mee te werken.

15 maart 2013, Bas gaf leiding aan Theo bij NAWI BV